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Life. Money. Hope
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The Edge of Glory
January 2012
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November 2011
The Enemy
October 2011
Getting Past Your Past
September 2011
True Confessions
July 2011
A Bug's Life
May 2011
Celebrate Life
April 2011
We Are All The Same
March 2011
January 2011
When Love
Came Down

December 2010
The Day the Sun
Stood Still

October 2010
The Blessed Life
September 2010
The Holy Spirit
July 2010
Dream On
May 2010
The End
April 2010
Lift HIM Up
February 2010

Prayer Revolution
January 2010
November 2009
The Key
October 2009
The Transformer
August 2009
Our Father
June 2009
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April 2009

Friendships – they either have a positive or negative influence in our lives. Choosing the wrong friends can quickly pull us away from the right priorities and commitments. Choosing the right friends can be one of the best things we ever have done - it can actually lead us to finding God’s best for our lives. Join Pastor David as he delivers the series, Friends – friendship God’s way.Friends
February 2009
Move past the disappointments of last year and discover the power of a new year. Join us as Pastor David takes us into a new year with a new series called  “the High Life.” Discover positive, practical and effective tools for a fresh start this year. This new year start living “the HIGH LIFE!”The High Life
January 2009
It’s a tradition that goes as far back as the first Christmas – the tradition of giving GIFTS. Yes, Christmas is about giving and receiving gifts. Christmas is when God gave us the ultimate gift – His son JESUS CHRIST. But in Jesus we find many more gifts. In this series, David teaches us about the many gifts we have in Jesus – gifts that you will never be disappointed in, can be used every day, never have to be returned and last forever.The Gift
December 2008
What you see is not all there is. Join us as Pastor David teaches us about angels, demons and the Holy Spirit. Together we'll uncover the supernaturalSupernatural
October 2008
Sleep is so weird. When we are asleep we don’t even know it! Did you know only when you WAKE UP do you realize you were asleep. The same is true SPIRITUALLY.Wake Up
September 2008

Sleep is so weird. When we are asleep we don’t even know it! Did you know only when you WAKE UP do you realize you were asleep. The same is true SPIRITUALLY.Why Was I Born?
July 2008
How we distribute our money determines how blessed (rich) we will be! It is no coincidence that printed on our currency you will find the words “IN GOD WE TRUST.”  Listen as David teaches us no matter the state of the economy we can be blessed if…”IN GOD WE TRUST!”In God We Trust
June 2008
A Hero is simply an ordinary person doing extraordinary things. When God "thought you up" He placed inside of you a "calling.” Through this series Pastor David hopes to make you realize there is a HERO within you.Heroes
April 2008
It was early Sunday morning when the women went to Jesus' tomb and found that He was GONE! Join Pastor David as we discover how to use the power of the resurrection to overcome every obstacle that hinders your life.Gone
March 2008
Its official - "Time" magazine declares the number one goal of all Americans is "HAPPINESS." If this is true then we are living a BIG LIE. God doesn't want you happy! He wants something deeper and better for you. He wants you to live a JOY FILLED LIFE! Happiness is temporary; JOY is the confidence in knowing and trusting God.Smile
January 2008
It’s the mystery of all time. How will the gap between man and God be bridged? For thousands of years man has tried to bridge that gap by building symbolic stairways to heaven, such as RELIGION, PEOPLE, PHILOSOPHIES, etc. God, however, built His own stairway. Stairway to Heaven
December 2007
Whether life is going really great for you or things are just falling apart, we all want BETTER. Some of us need to know God better; others need to become better spouses, parents, employees, leaders, bosses, etc. Deep down inside God put something insides us that cries, "I was born for better than this!"The Best is Yet to Come
November 2007
We spend tons of money on car alarms, home alarms, bars on windows and even "watch dogs" BUT: are we protected from the unseen enemy whose sole purpose is to kill, steal, destroy our lives, souls, dreams, destiny? David Sandoval exposes this enemy, SATAN.The Intruder
October 2007
In this series we will follow the life of the beloved David, and learn from his triumphs and failures how to successfully confront and conquer the giants we face in our daily living. No matter the size of giants that come against you: financially, emotional, relational, or physical. David teaches us that one thing is certain, Giants Do Die!Giants Do Die
July 2007
It's time for men to realize that they have great potential. Listen as Pastor David helps you realize men have the potential to make a difference in their family, their church and in this world.Man 2 Man
June 2007
In the last chapter of "A New Day" super series, Pastor David explores the promises we make in life and how meaningless they've become. Listen as Pastor David helps us to understand that there are promises you can count on, God's promises!Promises, Promises
May 2007
Listen and enjoy this exciting series as Pastor David guides you through three powerful miracles of Jesus Christ. The calming of the storm, the healing of the blind man and finally raising Lazarus from the dead.Miracles
April 2007
It's time for you to experience God's great resurrection power. Listen as Pastor David helps you to realize that just as Jesus Christ was able to come back to life, He can also bring you back from the past and back to life!Back To Life
March 2007
Through this series Pastor David maps out a unique perspective on having a successful, fulfilling and long lasting relationship with your spouse. Listen as he shares keys to understanding your role in love and marriage.Love and Marriage
February 2007
Through this new series, Pastor David will help us discover the path toward that better life. The path we are going to take is a path that can lead you to the NEXT LEVEL. So sit back, listen for God's voice through this series and find out what it takes to go to the NEXT LEVEL!The Next Level
January 2007
In this series Pastor David teaches us that Christmas is no just a time for gifts, lights, trees or shopping. This is a special time to celebrate the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Come and explore the true meaning of Christmas.So This Is Christmas
December 2006
For generations the enemy has "punk'd" us into believing his lies. In this series Pastor David teaches us how to escape these lies through the truth that has been given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.Punk'd
Octoeber 2006
Are you ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ? In this amazing series Pastor David reminds us the importance of being prepared for the second coming of our Lord. We need to spread the news that our "Super Man" is coming back. Jesus is coming back! Not in a manger, not on a cross, but on a white horse! Get ready!Super-Man Returns
September 2006
Step back in time with Pastor David as he shares things God has taught and revealed to him in his 30 years of serving God. Through trials and tribulations, good times and bad, listen and learn valuable lessons you can apply to your life.Lessons From My Past
July 2006
How do we build a blessed home? In this crucial series Pastor David gives us the positive steps we need to take to repair our homes and allow Christ to fulfill the dreams He has given us. Start building a blessed home today!Home Improvement
May 2006
The Rolling Stone
April 2006
In these days there can be many problems, tragedies, and crisis (chupacabras) what can drain the life out of you. Pastor David teaches us that we need to do, to get past these "chupacabras" and enjoy the life that God has planned for us.El Chupacabras
March 2006
In these days there can be many problems, tragedies, and crisis (chupacabras) what can drain the life out of you. Pastor David teaches us that we need to do, to get past these "chupacabras" and enjoy the life that God has planned for us.Cheaters
February 2006
We were created to win the Super Bowl of life. In this series Pastor David equips us to be in our best shape spiritually, physically and financially.Coach
January 2006
Pastor David introduces the Star of stars, and how having Him (Jesus) as a part of our lives, makes a difference. We must let the "Light of the World Lives" shine through us.Stars
December 2005
From old to new, through Jesus we are made new creations. Jesus came to give us a purpose and passion. Using the theme of the reality show "Pimp my Ride", Pastor David shows us how a life without Christ is like a junk car. This series will "Pimp Your Life".Pimp My Life
October 2005
Pastor David introduces five big steps for you to take action in your finances and challenges you to make God your financial advisor.G*Trade
September 2005
Just as physical structures suffer through Natural Disasters, so do we when life hits us full force. Life is full of challenges and we must be prepared. Are you prepared for when life hits?Natural Disasters
August 2005
Our families are in great need of balance and success. Learn how to lead your family to overall success.The Fairly Odd Parents
June 2005
The moment you come into a relationship with Jesus Christ, Satan becomes your enemy. Pastor David exposes Satan and his evil plots to destroy us and how we can overcome and be more than conquerors.Star Wars
May 2005
Living On A Prayer
April 2005
Ever had a dream that you gave up? This series is for you. Pastor David preaches about a dreaming church and about the attitude of a successful dreamer.Resurecting Dreams
March 2005
Dirty Dating
February 2005
My Personal Computer
January 2005
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